Automatic Mode

Module for automatic exchange operation with open-source code, enabling automated payouts for exchange requests through various payment systems.

The module operates by monitoring the status of exchange requests. Once payment is received, a payout is initiated, and the status of the exchange request is changed to "Completed." If necessary, additional steps may be taken before the payout, such as buying cryptocurrency through a market order if the payout is planned through a cryptocurrency exchange.

Technically, the module is a PHP application built on the Laravel Lumen framework. It interacts with the exchange service website through APIs and webhooks.

Possible Integration
  • E-Money
  • Internet Banking
  • Cryptocurrency and Tokens
  • Exchanges and P2P Platforms

A Telegram bot can be used for management, with the ability to manually confirm payouts. Developers have access to an API for integrating the module into third-party applications.

Admin Commands
  • /create - make a payout
  • /repeat - repeat payout
  • /find - find a payout
  • /history - payouts history

Automatic Mode
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