Automatic Mode

Module for the automatic operation of the exchanger with an open source code allows you to make automatic payouts on order via any payment systems.

Principle of operation of the module is based on tracking the status of the order, after receiving the payment, payout is made, after which the status of order changes to "Completed". If necessary, additional steps can be taken before the payout, for example, buying cryptocurrency with a market order if the payout is planned via cryptocurrency exchange.

Technical module is a PHP application based on the Laravel Lumen framework. Interacts with the exchanger's website using API and webhooks.

Possible Integration
  • E-Money
  • Internet Banking
  • Cryptocurrency and Tokens
  • Exchanges and P2P Platforms

For management, a Telegram bot can be used with the ability to confirm payouts manually. API is available for developers to integrate the module into third-party applications.

Admin Commands
  • /create - make a payout
  • /repeat - repeat payout
  • /find - find a payout
  • /history - payouts history

Automatic Mode
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