Release v.1.20.10

Added sending mail via SMTP/PHP Mail, expanded the list of currencies for the function of quickly adding currencies and exchange directions, made minor improvements and optimization.

03.06.2023 12:20

Release v.1.20.9

Added option "Do Not Remember Entered Data" for default template, removed WebMoney merchant and LocalBitcoins rates parser.

04.05.2023 08:20

Release v.1.20.8

Xamax cryptocurrency merchant is integrated, rate parser constants and support for custom rate parser in formulas are added.

04.04.2023 08:38

Release v.1.20.7

Added new methods for private API and user API, improved user account security, improved search in the dashboard.

16.03.2023 07:39

Telegram Bot Release v.2.0.0

Global update of the bot, added: user profile, auto-completion of details, payment for applications without going to the website, support for referral links, notifications for users, admin commands.

01.03.2023 07:43

Automatic Payout Module Release v.2.0.0

Global update of the module, added control via Telegram bot, confirmation of payment of funds, trading feeature, API for developers.

01.02.2023 13:06

Release v.1.20.6

Added IP white list for private API, minor improvements to the default template, updated 4Bill merchant, removed AliKassa merchant.

10.01.2023 12:26

Release v.1.20.5

Automatic sell of received cryptocurrency for WhiteBIT/Kuna merchants has been added, dark theme has been improved, minor bugs have been fixed.

15.12.2022 09:08

Release v.1.20.4

Added additional fields for exchange directions, added English and Ukrainian languages for the dashboard and the default site template.

15.10.2022 08:04

Release v.1.20.3

Added new validators for payment details (Dogecoin, Litecoin, TRON, Dash, Monero, Ripple), added formulas to the rate parser.

17.09.2022 08:32

Release v.1.20.2

Added dynamic rate feature for orders, a dark theme for the default template and the dashboard, improved the WhiteBIT webhook.

19.08.2022 18:38

Release v.1.20.1

Integrated cryptocurrency and fiat merchants WhiteBIT and Kuna.

03.06.2022 08:35

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