Release version 1.20.16

The HTX Crypto merchant has been added to accept cryptocurrencies on the exchange wallet, the BlockIO merchant has been removed, added 37 address validators of various blockchains for currency payment details.

01.04.2024 08:00

Release version 1.20.15

The Binance Crypto merchant has been added to accept cryptocurrencies on the exchange wallet, the Blockcypher merchant has been removed, and the QR code generation mechanism for cryptocurrency payments on the order page has been replaced.

03.02.2024 09:43

Release version 1.20.14

Parser for Kraken and Bitstamp exchange rates has been added, and now you can configure an additional exchange bonus for verified users. The dark theme for the default template and dashboard has also been improved.

03.01.2024 09:19

Release version 1.20.13

Added a Bybit rate parser, updated the API rate parsers for Poloniex and Kuna, updated the standard text of emails, added the ability to specify the reason for suspending an order, added new events for notifications (login to the dashboard, creating a investment, feedback form).

03.11.2023 08:24

Release version 1.20.12

The custom Merchant API has been updated, a formula calculator has been added to the exchange direction editing page, minor bugs have been fixed, and small improvements have been made.

03.09.2023 07:38

Release version 1.20.11

The ability to modify the referral reward when processing an exchange request has been added, as well as the option to automatically hide non-automatic exchange directions if the operator is offline for exporting exchange rates.

03.07.2023 08:00

Release version 1.20.10

Added the ability to send mail via SMTP/PHP Mail, expanded the list of currencies for the quick add currency and exchange directions function, made minor improvements and optimizations.

03.06.2023 12:20

Release version 1.20.9

Added the "Do Not Remember Entered Data" option for the default template, removed the WebMoney merchant and the deprecated LocalBitcoins exchange rate parser.

04.05.2023 08:20

Release version 1.20.8

Integrated the Xamax cryptocurrency merchant, added constants for the exchange rate parser, support for custom exchange rate parser in formulas.

04.04.2023 08:38

Release version 1.20.7

Added new methods for Private API and User API, improved user account security, enhanced search in the control panel.

16.03.2023 07:39

Release of Telegram Bot version 2.0.0

A major update to the bot, including: user profile, auto-filling of details, payment for requests without leaving the site, support for referral links, user notifications, and administrator commands.

01.03.2023 07:43

Release of Automatic Payouts Module version 2.0.0

A major update to the module, including: management through Telegram bot, confirmation of fund payouts, trading on the exchange, and API for developers.

01.02.2023 13:06

Release version 1.20.6

Added whitelist IP for Private API, minor improvements to the default template, updated the 4Bill merchant, removed the AliKassa merchant.

10.01.2023 12:26

Release version 1.20.5

Added automatic sale of received cryptocurrency for WhiteBIT/Kuna merchants, improved dark theme, fixed minor bugs.

15.12.2022 09:08

Release version 1.20.4

Added additional fields for exchange directions, added English and Ukrainian languages for the control panel and default website template.

15.10.2022 08:04

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