Release version 1.20.0

In this update, the following changes have been added: data field saving when creating an exchange request, additional parameters for configuring the rate parser, Mailjet email delivery service, removal of deprecated and non-functioning functions, and optimization.

Attention. The update includes destructive changes:

1) Removal of Qiwi, Yoomoney, Livecoin Code merchants, including payment details validators.

2) SMTP email sending is no longer available to prevent server IP address leakage in emails. Secure alternatives: Mailgun, Mailjet, SendGrid – setup information in the documentation on our website.

3) SMS Center service for notifications is no longer available.

4) Rate parsers: Central Bank of Ukraine, Central Bank of Kazakhstan, Central Bank of Russia, Central Bank of Belarus, and Tinkoff are no longer accessible. Alternative: new Forex course parser – more details in the documentation on our website.

5) Bestchange rate parser is no longer available. It significantly affects performance due to a large volume of unoptimized data. Alternative: can be connected separately, upon request, using a custom course parser through the script's API.

13.05.2022 18:21
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