Release v.1.20.0

This update adds saving of field data when creating an order, additional parameters for configuring the rates parser, the Mailjet service, removed outdated and non-working functions, and made optimizations.

Warning. The update includes destructive changes:

1) Removed Qiwi, Yoomoney, Livecoin Code merchants. Including payment details validators.

2) Sending mail via SMTP protocol is no longer available to avoid leaking server IP address in emails. Safe alternatives: Mailgun, Mailjet, SendGrid - information on setting up in the documentation on our website.

3) Sending notifications via the SMS Center service is no longer available.

4) Rate parsers: Central Bank of Ukraine, Central Bank of Kazakhstan, Central Bank of Russia, Central Bank of Belarus, Tinkoff are no longer available. Alternative: a new Forex rate parser - more details in the documentation on our website.

5) The Bestchange rate parser is no longer available. Due to the large amount of unoptimized data, the parser significantly affects performance. Alternative: you can connect separately, on order, through a custom course parser using the script API.

13.05.2022 18:21
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