Additional Features
User Groups

User groups allow you to configure access to various pages of the dashboard. Authentication is done through the standard login page in the dashboard.

To configure user groups, go to the "Application Settings" - "User Group Settings".

Example Configuration

Access to Page Description
orders,verifications Access to "Orders", "Verification"
news,blog,reviews Access to "News", "Blog", "Reviews"
Operator Schedule

The operator status can be automatically changed using a predefined work schedule.

To configure the operator schedule, go to the "Application Settings" - "Operator Schedule Settings". Then select "Operator Status" - "Automatically Detect".

Redirect Manager

The redirect manager is used when moving the site to a different domain, content management system, or when changing the URL of pages. It is also used to create various short URLs.

To configure the redirect manager, go to the "Application Settings" - "Redirect Manager Settings".

Review Generator

Generating random reviews can be done using the quick review addition feature located in the "Reviews" page or by using a entered interval.

To configure the review generator, go to the "Application Settings" - "Random Review Generator Settings".

Example Configuration

Interval Description
60 Generate a review every hour
120/180 Generate a review at random times every 2-3 hours
Exchange Generator

The random exchange generator adds data to the latest exchange block without creating actual orders.

To configure the exchange generator, go to the "Application Settings" - "Random Exchange Generator Settings".

Example Configuration

Interval Description
60 Generate an exchange every hour
120/180 Generate an exchange at random times every 2-3 hours
Sitemap Generator

To use the sitemap generator (sitemap.xml), go to the "Template Settings" - "Sitemap Generator".

Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode is used to restrict access to the site. If a user is not authenticated in the dashboard, attempting to access any page on the site will display a placeholder page.

Maintenance mode does not affect the operation of merchants and the Dashboard API. However, Public API, Private API, and exchange rate export will be unavailable.

Variable Usage

To use a variable in text, place it within double curly braces. Example: "{{varName}}". Variable names should be in Latin letters and should not contain spaces or extraneous characters.

API Objects

Global Variables

Name Description
applicationHost Website Host
applicationUrl Website URL
templateLanguageCode Language Code
templateDirectory Template Directory Name
socialName Project Name
socialEmail Email
socialPhone Phone Number
socialTelegram Telegram
socialSkype Skype
socialViber Viber
socialWhatsapp Whatsapp
socialMessenger Messenger
socialDiscord Discord
socialSnapchat Snapchat
socialFacebook Facebook
socialTwitter Twitter
socialYoutube YouTube
socialInstagram Instagram
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